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Say Goodbye To Painful Waxing
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Unlike waxing and shaving, intense pulsed light actually targets and kills the hair root follicle. When done correctly IPL will deliver a 60-90% reduction in hair regrowth. The hair the does grow back will be much thinner and after you have gone through the entire treatment process you only need to use the device once a month for maintenance.

In addition to being extremely effective at hair removal the product literally cost the same price as a single professional treatment. Before Silky Skin came out with their home IPL device it would cost women hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars to get laser done in a salon.

Although IPL is a relatively new technology to be used at home it was officially certified as a safe method for hair removal by the FDA in 1996. When used correctly the product is 100% safe and is also pain free unlike professional laser hair removal.

It only takes about 10 minutes per treatment to do your legs and bikini area. To treat your entire body including your arms, neck and face it takes somewhere between 30-45 minutes.

It’s really that easy!

Don't Take It From Us, See What Others Have To Say:

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Silky Skin’s IPL Device 
5 Star product

Silky Skin’s device delivers salon quality results
after just 9-11 treatments!

  • Permanent Results
  • Remarkably Affordable
  • Quick Results
  • Easy To Set Up & Use
  • 100% Safe & Pain Free
  • Use In The Comfort Of Your Home

Want a step by step guide to using the device?

  1. Open your package and plug the device in
  2. Select the desired power setting (We suggest you start on the lowest setting).
  3. Start using the device anywhere on your body. It’s even safe to use on your face and bikini area.

You will see noticeable results after 4-5 treatments and full results after 9-11 treatments!

Where Can I Get This?

According to the company’s recent press release there has been an overwhelming demand for the device due to several high profile celebrities posting their results on social media. They have sold out multiple times in the last 12 months but they currently do have the device in stock.

Normally, this is when companies raise prices, but because Silky Skin is looking to corner the entire market in DIY hair removal, they’re offering 50% off to all first time customers that buy through social media posts.

Their current social media promotion is rumored to be ending soon.

If their checkout page says “sold out”, don’t worry, they’ll still be available for full price once they are restocked!

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